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Abbey and Dixon

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Our Story

In March 2020 Abbey was quarantining solo in Charlottesville when she got a call from her mother, Joan, asking if she wanted to drive to Richmond for the evening to have drinks on the patio with the next door neighbors, the Wallaces. Joan specifically added that Dixon, who she noted had grown up to be quite handsome, would be joining his parents, Amanda and Dixon. Abbey agreed to join and, as perhaps was Joan and Amanda’s plan, she and Dixon found that spending some of the summer in Richmond would not be such a bad idea.

Over the next few months, Abbey and Dixon were each in and out of Richmond as they finished law school virtually and began studying for the Virginia bar. The two got to know each other better over more neighborhood happy hours and puppy playdates between Abbey’s dog, Sully, and the Wallace’s new puppy, Bodhi. Abbey very smoothly got Dixon’s number from his mom one day in order to ask him an “important” question about the exam software for the bar exam. And when the two headed off to take the bar in July 2020, they walked to and from every test session together and had what they call their first date when they got dinner together after the second day of testing.

Fortunately, the nerves of hanging with a new crush did not throw off their test taking skills too much—both passed the bar and began clerking for federal judges, Abbey in Baltimore and Dixon in Roanoke. Throughout that year, the two drove back and forth on Interstate 85 to spend weekends together. They particularly loved weekends in Roanoke together, hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail and having lunch and beers on the deck of their favorite restaurant.

In August 2021, Abbey and Dixon both moved back to Richmond and began practicing at law firms downtown. They have greatly enjoyed being back in Richmond and love taking long walks around their favorite neighborhoods, enjoying Richmond’s restaurant scene with friends, and spending time with their families.

In March 2023, Abbey and Dixon headed to Roanoke for a weekend to revisit some of their favorite hiking trails and restaurants. On a very windy Saturday morning at the top of McAfee Knob, Dixon got down on one knee and asked Abbey to marry him.